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Pediatric Cardiology


Pediatric Cardiology

Paediatric cardiologists broaadly treat congenital heart disease (present at birth), arrhythmias (variations in heartbeat rhythm) and disturbances of circulatory function.

The initial assessment performed by the paediatric cardiologist might start with a physical examination using a stethoscope, after which more detailed investigations may be suggested.

Patients often present with complex diagnostic and medical problems and after the initial assessment, the paediatric cardiologist then chooses an optimal management plan. They work closely with a wide range of specialists as part of a multidisciplinary team to assess and treat patients.

Paediatric cardiologists play a vital role in the teaching of medical students, doctors. GPs, nurses and paramedical staff. Most are also involved in research.


Paediatric cardiology include:

  • cardiac catheterisation and catheter intervention
  • cardiac pacing, electrophysiology and ablation
  • fetal cardiology
  • adolescent and adult congenital heart disease
  • advanced echocardiography
  • transplantation cardiology
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • advanced imaging (MRI and CT).

Role Of A Paediatric Cardiologist

  • To provide the highest quality cardiology care for the children
  • To provide expertise in all areas of pediatric cardiology services available to all ages – from the unborn to the adult with congenital heart disease
  • To value compassionate care and service
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