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Who Should Get an Annual Checkup ?

annual check up

  1. The need for physical exams by your doctor is highly individual. There’s no thumb rule for how often healthy people should see their doctors. The best advice: Ask your doctor.
  2. Age and being at high risk of certain diseases need annual checkups, even for healthy people. Older adults are more likely to fall ill, so your doctor may wish to see you every year beginning at age 65, or younger.
  3. If there are other risk factors such as borderline high blood pressure prediabetics – needs regular check-ins no matter your age.
  4. It should go without saying that if you have a chronic illness, even when you have it under control and are feeling good, more frequent checkups are called for. These visits aren’t simply looking for an illness or condition you don’t know about, but are a check on your current state of health.
  5. If you’re on a prescription drug regimen, that’s a good sign that annual or even more frequent checkups are warranted.